DIY Valentines Day Tote - 5 Minute Craft

DIY Valentines Day Tote Bag

So Valentines Day is fast approaching and we couldn’t help but share this cute idea. If you’re into crafts, or just have a few extra minutes you can create this Do it yourself Valentine Tote in around 5 Minutes!!

You’ll need to go to your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby craft store and pickup a cheap canvas tote. We’ve even seen these basic bags at the Dollar store.

You need to also pick up some gold fabric (or fabric you would like your heart cut out in), Some No Sew Fabric Glue, scissors (if you don’t already have some), construction paper (you can use printer paper if you prefer), a ink pen and some sequins if you want to make the backside of the bag or a totally different bag.

Now for the instructions

Steps 1-4

Step 1: Gather all your supplies from the store or around your house

Step 2: Take the construction/paper and make sure that it’s big enough to cover most of the front your bag

Step 3: Now take the construction/paper and fold it in half.. Then draw a half a heart on one side (it doesn’t have to be perfect, just do the best you can)

Step 4: Take the scissors and cut out the heart you just drew. We are going to use that paper as a stencil to cut out the cloth heart.

Steps 5-7

Step 5: Use the paper stencil and lay it flat on your cloth. Trace the heart onto the back of your cloth. (quick tip: use dots instead of a solid line, to keep It from bleeding and to keep your cloth from bunching as you trace)

Step 6: Take the scissors and cut out the heart you just traced on the cloth

Step 7: Use the No Sew Fabric Glue and cover the back of the cloth. Make sure you cover the edges and put some in the middle of the heart to ensure it doesn’t come off.

Step 8: Lay the heart on your tote on the center side and press it down firmly. Let it sit until it dries and viola!! You have a awesome Valentine Tote custom made!

To make the sequin style or put this on the back side of you tote just follow these instructions

Steps 1-4

Step 1: You will need the tote, the sequins, the no sew glue, pencil/pen and scissors

Step 2: Sketch your letters on the tote lightly with the pencil and lay your sequins on the lines to measure and cut out the lengths you need to cover your lines

Step 3: Using the lines you put on the tote, put a line of glue on top of your line. Then attach the sequins on top of the glue.

Step 4: Press the sequins firmly down to ensure that they don’t come loose.

Steps 5-6

Step 5: If you want to separate some of the sequins from the ribbon to glue little dots all over your bag you can

Step 6: let it dry and enjoy!


Even if you aren’t crafty this tote is super easy to make and costs only a few buck. Plus it’s super cute!!

We hope you all have a wonderful valentines day!

Valentines Day Tote


*Images and tutorial taken from the ella bella boutique blog so be sure to check them out.

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