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A collection of Shoulder and Hobo Bags of all styles, colors and types.

• They are: one of the most popular styles, has multiple compartments and is carried over the shoulder and hangs down to hips or as high as the natural waist
• One of the most popular handbag styles is the hobo bag.
• The signature crescent shape of hobo bags makes them both visually appealing and easy to carry.
• Made of cotton, canvas, leather, suede or other material durable enough to withstand everyday use
• Big shoulder handbags are on-trend, but choose a size proportionate to your body
• Are not appropriate for formalwear unless the strap and bag are delicate and dressy
• They are: casual and practical crescent-shaped shoulder handbag
• Medium and large sizes in boho prints are most popular
• Small and structured hobo handbags exist, but are less common
• Typically larger in size, hobos make it easy to carry everything from your car keys to a water bottle and even an extra jacket.
• As the name suggests, hobos have an easy, bohemian appeal that makes them perfect for summertime strolls to the farmer's market or running to dinner on a crisp autumn evening.
• Look for leather hobo bags as well as canvas and even fun floral prints to complement a simple dress and gladiator sandals.